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Out in a cold dark mist, I stand in a heavy down cloak. Two buffy demons stand next to me, guarding my surroundings for any interlopers. My face is cover a bit, but my black hair covers mostly my eyes. Soon, down from the skies a man with black and red wings, kneels in front of me. The guards take their cue and leave the area.
"Ma'am, there are two wizards at the entrance and an army of Dementors at the sides." The man says, as he keeps his head down while I think. I look deep within the fog, visualizing the prison cell.
"Kill the guards and recruit the Dementors." My voice is low, but strong.
"Yes, ma'am." He stands up and flies back towards the skies.
I sneer deeply at the moon light, only thinking about that castle.

'Finally, we have the whole army of those monsters.' I smile, but it quickly force down into a frown. "Ready?" behind me, the figures in their dark rags let out their coldest fog. The two guards from before raise their weapons high and look down with me at the castle. Their feathery wings resist their weight. Graveman, my second-hand man waits for my signal.
They both scream and charge down into the atmosphere of darkness. Their screaming fades away instantly. After awhile the dementors take their turn and follow their lead. We wait for a while, but we don't feel the coldness anymore.
"I'm going down there, whether you like it or not." Graveman flaps his wings down, I block his way.
"Don't! I have NOT given you permission, yet. Stay until I say so!" he growls dangerously at me. His red eyes flashing before mine. Graveman lowers down his anger a bit and looks past me.
"The dementors, I can no longer feel their aura."
I turn around, "Indeed," I narrow my eyes, and "something must be interrupting. I am going down there."
Graveman slaps my shoulder, "No, I can't risk you doing that, let me do it."
"I can't risk my second-hand man flying into trouble." I smile and he releases me.
"Very well then, good luck."
"Don't need it." my frown is forcing my smile to go away, again. He doesn't look too happy, but he accepts. I flap hard with my wings, and fly down into the darkness. Somehow, the air seems… a bit like DEATH. But this world doesn't seem like it much.
"Expecto Patronum!" I stop and a bright light, shape as a phoenix, comes charging at me. I dodge it quickly, but it tears at my back side. I scream out loud, it burns because the light crystals are searing my skin and wings. The phoenix caws loudly and charges back at me.
"I had enough of this!" I flip out an instrument and bring it together to form a flute. I play it with angry passion, the bird stops, hypnotize. Then with a slash of the flute, it turns into a large and sleek scythe. "DIE!" the blade goes through the bird like it was a ghost.
"Impressive." A figure walks out of the shadows. It is an old man in light blue robes that reaches the ground. His beard is long enough that you could knit it into a scarf and he wears half-moon spectacles. He smiles to me with warmth, as if I am his old friend. "Just awhile ago, two huge creatures came barging in. And then dementors came, weird that they would be here. But I should expect the odds." He stops and looks up at me, "And you might be?"
I sneer hard at him, "None of your business old man!"
"Am I really that old? Hmm, I guess being 103 years can be old." He giggles to himself as I float among him.
"I don't think so~." he waves a stick and I turn my head. "Ah, are you interested in this?"
"Of course not! Now move!"
"Why is it taking you THIS long in killing me? Don't you want to get rid or me?"
"Of course!" but I just hold onto my weapon tighter.
"It seems like you're afraid of me!"
I grit my teeth, "Why in Hell's nation would I be AFRAID?!" I raise the scythe high, but he just mutters something. My body soon halts, I try to move, but I struggle only a slight movement.
"Seems like you're in a helpless position." He smiles while showing a bit of his crooked teeth. A baby vomit swirls at the base of my neck. "Anyway," he makes me turn around just a flick of his wand, "it seems like that 'light' actually burned you."
'Oh you don't say?'
"I'm professor Dumbledore, headmaster of this school." He continues, as he looks closely at my clothes. "You're not from around here, aren't you?" He unfreezes me and I try to swipe at him, but he just counters it. "Careful~ I have a wand and I am not afraid to use it."
I grumble to myself. He stands, waiting for my turn for introductions. Finally, I fly down onto the ground, but I keep my guard high. "I am an angel from the holy land, Synder. I come for your school."
He smirks, "Well, you seem to be doing such a good job on the mission. Since your minions and the 'used' dementors were demolished."
"Don't get smart with me!" I point the blade at him, but he just stands there smiling.
"If you wish to come inside for a sneak peek, or perhaps stay for awhile, I'll make a deal with you."
I lower down the blade, "Go on."
"But first, put away your weapon." I flip away my scythe and it disappears in my cloak. "Now then," suddenly the air dense up, Dumbledore straightens up and his eyes grow cold. "Crona Murmur Crona. You are hereby having been accepted into Hogwarts for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hogwarts, itself, has welcomed you with warm arms."
Yes, I know, I keep on making new fan-fictions about Harry Potter and never ever finishing. Right now, I'm trying to finish this one, since this one seems to be holding on stronger than the rest. Except for the Grim Reaper's one. Yeah... :lonely:

But I do hope that you like this one. It's for the one and only, Draco Malfoy. "Sweet Abyss" was a failure, and "A Fallen Angel Lost in My Eyes," also another failure. Sheesh, I'm not good at finishing much of things .3.

Alright, here's a bit of introduction to the main character:

:bulletblack: First and last name is the same
:bulletblack: An Angel: in her world, there are many demons that roams her lands and skies
:bulletblack: She is part wolf and a raven; So that means her Animagus are wolves and ravens (two forms, lucky!)
:bulletblack: Has traits of a vampire; the fangs and the craze to have blood
:bulletwhite: The Flute: it can hypnotize her enemies
:bulletwhite: A slender dark scythe: From altering of the flute


Why is Dumbledore acting like he's been hypnotized? Why does Crona wants to take over Hogwarts? And why are dementors and demons are working alongside of her?

Of course, what they always say, stay tune for the next chapter (hopefully).
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GrimmyArt Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012
This is good. XD Dumbledor is funny.
BlurryRabbitz Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012  Student Writer
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GrimmyArt Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012
Your welcome. :D
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That picture is sosoososososooo cute! Love him!
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